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Mobile Recharge Plans

Mobile Recharge Plans – Jio, Airtel & VI

Do you remember those days in 2015 when we used to recharge Rs 300 per month? Well, we are back to that stage. Mobile recharge plans cost you the same now.
However, there is a huge confusion – which plans should you go for?
I have churned the data for you.

Chinese Apps Banned

Chinese Apps Banned & #BoycottChina | My Opinions

I have never directly mentioned to boycott Chinese apps or avoid using Chinese smartphones.
But in this case of Chinese apps – this was a necessary step to ban.
However, people are rejoicing for the wrong reasons. Here are the real issues and my opinions on that.

Xiaomi Incognito

Xiaomi Browser Incognito Mode Controversy Explained

If you follow our Monday-Saturday Tech News on Whatsapp then you definitely know about the Xiaomi Browser and its Incognito mode privacy issues. This controversy was growing day by day.
But exactly happened? Due to the limitations, I could not explain the events in detail. So finally, I am here with the complete series of episodes.


Why is CamScanner Banned? CamScanner Alternatives

Recently Google banned a very famous app CamScanner which had more than 100 Million downloads on Playstore. Getting CamScanner banned seems to be a good move but what is the exact reason?
If you are a student then Camscanner must be a very nostalgic application for you. If you were a student like me, CamScanner must have helped you to pass. But for those who don’t know about this application, here is a brief introduction for you.

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