10 Types of Malware That You Should Know

Are you frequently visiting shady websites or torrent? Are you using pirated software? Then you might not be even aware that there are several types of malware present in your device right now.
“But Pritesh, I am not even facing any issues. All my files are safe and my computer is not misbehaving or running slowly. My smartphone is intact. That means my device is perfectly well in condition.”
Hmm! If that is what you think, then you definitely need to read this!

Android Security Tips

Best Android Security Tips To Stay Safe Online

iOS is no doubt the most secure mobile operating system but Android users need to take some care. Do you know what forced us to write about Android security tips?

A report that says 4 out of 10 mobile phones are vulnerable to cyber-attacks!

To keep your mobile away from malicious and suspicious activities. I have stated some android security tips for you.

Dark Patterns

Dark Patterns: The Unethical Side Of Web

We all come across various websites that trigger us to click on a particular button or make us take some action even when we don’t want to. These are Dark Patterns. They are more common these days.

Being an online marketer, we keep learning about dark patterns to increase traction. Today, I am exposing some of the secrets!

Privacy Apps

Best Privacy Apps To Replace Data Tracking Platforms

It’s always good to look for data privacy since we never know how a majority of these companies deal with our data.
Are they using it for making their services better or to show relevant ads or selling data to other companies? We are clueless.
Check out some privacy apps that do not track your data.

TOR Dark Web

Deep Web, Dark Web, TOR & Myths Around Them

In the last article, we came to know how the authorities, Police, and Government exactly track us on the Internet.
However, not everyone is comfortable if someone is tracking them for no reason. So we came up with a solution of VPN.
Now, the problem with VPN was that police can still track if they ask your details to the VPN company.
So, the TOR community took birth for ultimate anonymity


Can I Remain Anonymous by Using Incognito, VPN, or TOR?

Meanwhile, Daya and ACP reach the exact house and slam the door of the criminal. Daya slaps and the chair starts rotating in the CID headquarters. The criminal had no idea about Incognito, TOR or VPN.
This time CID team caught him using his IP Address.
That dumb fellow was using Incognito mode to hide while doing criminal activities.
People think that using Incognito mode, VPN, or TOR browser will hide them completely from the monitoring agencies like Internet Service Provider (ISPs), Police, or even Government. Is it?


What is Carding? Is Carding Illegal in India?

“Bro, I am getting an iPhone 11 Pro Max in Rs 20k. Should I buy it? He’s saying that he into some carding business. What is Carding? Is Carding Illegal in India? Will I be in trouble?”
I have not seen this on Whatsapp but the concept of carding is highly visible on platforms like Instagram and Telegram.
So you will get a random message which will be saying something like, “Sir, I am into carding business. I can manage a smartphone in 10% of its price. This discount is only for you for a limited time. Are you interested?”

Scammer Misspell

Why Do Spammers Misspell Words?

Yesterday someone sent a screenshot of a spam email on a Whatsapp group. The sender had made multiple mistakes. Everyone burst out laughing.
“Haha! These scammers can’t even write a simple English sentence and they are trying to fool out others!”
But did you know that these mistakes are often intentional? Spammers are well aware of the emails they send.
Here are the reasons why spammers misspell words!

Email ID Leaked

6 Ways How Spammers Get Your Email IDs

It doesn’t matter whether you keep a simple email ID or a complicated one. If you remain careless then you are bound to get spammed.
What is the purpose of spamming emails?
How Do Spammers Get Your Email IDs?
Find all the answers here

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