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Misleading Ads

Misleading Marketing Campaigns Smartphone Brands Use

The advertising industry works on glamour. There is no doubt. But misleading marketing campaigns can be bad for consumers. This has to be stopped somewhere.
As a marketer, I have seen many types of misleading campaigns in every industry. Not a single industry is excluded.
But I am focusing on the smartphone industry here. Find out how these leading smartphone brands are duping their customers.

Zomato Business Model

Zomato Business Model – Why it Acquired Uber Eats?

Zomato is not only about being a platform to connect restaurants and consumers. It is more than that. Currently, Zomato is under heavy losses. It’s not a profitable business yet.
Then how is it getting money to survive and even acquire its competitors like Uber Eats?
Why am I covering this topic? Because it is an excellent example of a Foodtech startup.

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