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Piracy Microsoft Windows

Why Microsoft Allows Piracy in India?

Microsoft knows that 91% of the Indian PCs are running with pirated Windows. Everyone knows it. Then why does Microsoft Allows Piracy in India?
There’s a smart business strategy behind this move. While Indian teenagers keep thinking that they are fooling a global tech giant, Microsoft is having a long-distance vision.

Truecaller Business Model

Truecaller Business Model – How Truecaller Makes Money?

Everyone knows that Truecaller is completely free. So, how does Truecaller earns? After all, it might be having expenses like salaries of employees, and server costs. The data it stores requires tonnes of servers.
So, how does Truecaller manages its expenses? Is it really profitable to provide such service free of cost for all the users?
Well, Truecaller is making money heavily. Trust me. It is not really a poor company. Certainly, there are various ways for Truecaller to earn money out of data and services.

Apple is Expensive

7 Reasons Why Apple Is So Expensive

Why Apple products are expensive?
What is there in an iPhone or Mac?
These are the most obvious questions that come to almost every common man’s mind.

But are these phones really justifying the price?
Even if Apple pockets a huge amount of profit, there are still a few factors that are almost everyone neglects.
Here are the 7 factors that make Apple products expensive

Xiaomi Case Study

Xiaomi Case Study | How Xiaomi Became #1 Brand in India

In 2014, when Xiaomi launched its first smartphone in India, I was highly skeptical about this brand. I thought it will be just another Chinese brand which will flatter for a few days and vanish. But I was wrong.
It became the India’s number One smartphone brand within a span of 3 years. How did Xiaomi make it? Here are the reasons

ImagesBazaar - Sandeep Maheshwari

ImagesBazaar Model: How Sandeep Maheshwari Earns

Being a motivational speaker, the best part is that Sandeep Maheshwari never charged for it. His seminars are free of cost.
In fact, he didn’t even monetize his YouTube channel which is the biggest motivational channel in India. Also, it is the biggest non-monetized YouTube channel in the world.

Now you might be wondering, how is Sandeep Maheshwari even earning then? The answer lies in his mainstream business which he rarely talks about!

From working as a freelancer, find how Sandeep Maheshwari established a giant online Empire in the Advertising Industry

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