8 Contributions by SONY Corporation That You Don’t Know


SONY was almost dead in the smartphone manufacturing segment in 2019. At least, that is what we all have noticed. But what if I tell you about all the major contributions by SONY Corporation?

SONY might not have retired from the smartphone market yet but it has always contributed actively to the tech industry.

Not only it brought some cool products but it innovated tremendously over these years.

So, what are some awesome gifts from SONY?

Contributions by SONY Corporation

1] 3.5mm Headphone Jack

Ah! It hurts to say that Apple killed 3.5mm jack to increase the sales of its Bluetooth devices. But 3.5mm jack is still the most demanded feature in mid-range smartphones.

After all, it makes our work easier. Just plug your cheap wired earphones and move with the flow.

Bluetooth earphones have many issues like low battery backup, expensive by cost, etc.

Contributions by SONY
First 3.5mm Jack in Sony EFM-117J

Sony EFM-117J Radio was the first device to use 3.5mm jack to connect a headphone to the device.

So, thanks to SONY for giving us such a helpful feature which is an integral part of our lives.

2] Blue-Ray Disc Player

SONY launched its first Blue-Ray Disc player named Sony BDP-S1 that played HD videos in 2006.


It was the first time that commercial, as well as standard DVD discs, would support HD videos.

Prior to that, only commercial theatres would screen HD movies.

SONY brought HD video players to us.

3] Best Camera Sensors

Which is the best smartphone camera? Take any of the best phones – Apple, Google, Huawei, One Plus, Redmi, etc.

Who has made a camera for these phones and many others?

It’s SONY 🙂

Even Samsung, that has its own CMOS range, still uses Sony’s cameras in some of its phones.

When the combination of SONY’s hardware and the respective company’s software combine, it gives you a killer combination.

That is the reason why Apple and Google have better cameras as they have better software integration.

I’ve written a dedicated post on the Camera sensor. In case you’ve missed it, here’s the link:

What is a Camera Sensor? Phone & DSLR Difference

4] First OLED TV

SONY might not be contributing much in the mobile industry but it is still the king of the Television market competing Samsung and LG.

Now OLED televisions are trending among luxury products. But who launched the first OLED TV?

As you guessed it right, it was SONY.

Contribution of SONY - First OLED Television Sony XEL-1

SONY XEL-1 was the first OLED Television and it came in 2007.

5] First Smartphone with 4K Screen

I can bet that your smartphone doesn’t have a 4K screen even in 2019. Unless your smartphone is a flagship SONY, there is no chance for you to get a 4K display.

First Smartphone with 4k display - Sony Xperia 1 launched in 2019

SONY brought its first smartphone with a 4K screen in the year 2019.

Therefore, Xperia 1 is the first smartphone with a 4K screen and that has come from SONY.

6] First Waterproof Phone

Guess who is the winner here?

SONY! Why?

Because this post is about SONY! Well, that was lame. 😛

On a serious note, SONY launched its first waterproof phone when I ended my 10th standard.

One of my colleagues bought it and the idiot still damaged it. Not by water but by spilling hot chocolate over it.

But the rich brat got a brand new phone the very next day with the exact same model.

First Waterproof smartphone Sony Xperia Z

So, Sony Xperia Z was the first smartphone that was waterproof and it launched in 2013.

Post that model, all Xperia models in the series started getting waterproof features.

7] First Portable Music Player

I am sure you might relate to this Walkman if you belong to the 90s.

Well, the 90s and early 2000s was the time when Walkman started booming in India and you started seeing it more.

However, Sony launched its first Walkman in 1979.

First Portable Music Player - Sony Walkman

Prior to that, there was no pocket-friendly music player. People used to play huge music players which were not portable. Even they were super costly.

So, Sony gave us a portable music player along with the 3.5mm jack.

8] First Video Game Console to Sell 100 Million Units

Kids these days probably don’t even know the concept of gaming console because they only know about PS and Xbox.

But who owns this PS or PlayStation?

It’s SONY.

Sony launched its first PlayStation in 1994 and till the year 2005, it became the number one gaming console selling company.

PlayStation 4 Gaming Console

The latest PS4 costs around Rs 31K and still managed to sell 100 million units worldwide.

For example and better understanding, here is the video that shows some amazing animated stats regarding how PlayStation managed to defeat its leading competitor Nintendo.

Out of 10 gaming consoles, 5 belong to Sony PlayStation. Isn’t it amazing?

Here’s the Amazon link for PS4. You might get a discount today.

Sony PS4 1TB Slim Console | Amazon Link

Summary: Contributions by SONY Corporation

The way Sony is being portrayed in today’s tech industry especially in front of Apple or Google make me feel that Sony is pretty underrated.

Here are the key contributions by Sony Corporation to the tech industry:

  1. 3.5mm headphone jack
  2. Blu-Ray HD Disk Player
  3. Unbeatable Camera Sensors
  4. OLED Televisions
  5. 4K Smartphone Screens
  6. Waterproof phones
  7. Portable Music Player
  8. Gaming Console

Certainly, I have not even mentioned the significance of Sony in the camera market, storage devices, audio devices and every other electronic gadget that you can think.

In other words, Sony has a hell lot of products in the market and it continues to hold the throne in the tech industry.

So, which one is your favorite Sony product? Let me know 🙂


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