Oppo vs Vivo: Which Brand Would You Choose?

Oppo vs Vivo

Oppo vs Vivo is a tough choice to make as both the brands follow almost the same traits and belong to the same parent company – BBK electronics.

For those who missed it, I have written a detailed case study.
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If we go by trends, the clear winner seems to be Vivo.
Here is a chart of trends from the last 12 months.

Oppo vs Vivo Trend Chart

Oppo or Vivo: Which Brand Is Better?

If you want the best camera, built quality, and smartphone design, the Oppo smartphone is the right choice.

If you want better performance and a better processor, the Vivo smartphone is probably for you.

That’s a rough summary.

1] Specifications

We generally saw Oppo offering better cameras than Vivo. On the other hand, Vivo gives more RAM and storage for the same price range.

My suggestion is to get a smartphone that provides a better value for money deal. It depends on your budget and the options available.

I would recommend you to use our Buyer’s Guide to make a decision for that. I have personally handpicked the models for you.

2] Approach

Oppo is slightly more innovative while Vivo is more into marketing.

Oppo’s Innovations

  • First brand to practically demonstrate the in-display front camera in a smartphone
  • These 2 brands were the first brands to implement pop-up selfie cameras
  • First company to successfully conduct a 5G WhatsApp video call at its R&D centre in Hyderabad
  • VOOC charger was launched by Oppo that supported extremely fast charging in 2014

Vivo’s Marketing

  • IPL and BCCI sponsors forever
  • PUBG partnerships and other esports participations
  • Title sponsors of metro stations, bus stops, public transport ~ Example: Vivo Ghatkopar Metro Station
  • High-ticket brand ambassadors like Aamir Khan, Virat Kohli, Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan and countless non-tech YouTubers
Vivo Brand Ambassadors - Aamir Khan, Virat Kohli, Sara Ali Khan, Ranveer Singh

If we observe, both the brands are almost equally aggressive with marketing and innovations but such slight differences become major differentiators.

The R&D makes Oppo a slightly costly brand if we compare it to Vivo. That reflects on the sales and trends as well.

But they eventually use the same technology and even advertising strategy.

Here’s my analysis – Oppo develops new technology while Vivo simply uses it and markets it heavily by saving the R&D costs.

3] Major Differentiator – Operating System

Oppo’s Color OS has more customization options than Vivo’s Funtouch OS. However, Funtouch OS is more optimized with the hardware as compared to Color OS.

Overall, both the operating systems are almost the same with slight differences in design and some features. This choice is very subjective and changes from person to person.

If you want are planning to buy a smartphone, I am linking some of our recommendations:

That was a short analysis of Oppo vs Vivo. Let me know which operating system you prefer and how is your experience.

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