Avoid Android Tablets For These 3 Reasons

Avoid Android Tablets

There was a time when tablets suddenly boomed in the Indian market. But I seriously think that you should absolutely avoid Android Tablets.

People fall for the bigger screen. Some TV channels even fooled their viewers by tempting them with cheap tablets. These tablets cost around Rs 5000 which is obviously trash.

I’ll tell you a few reasons to not buy an Android Tablet.

3 Reasons To Avoid Android Tablets

If looked now, the tablet market seems to be dead. People shifted to laptops for actual work and got smartphones with a larger screen. Meanwhile, tablets kept dangling in between only to die.

But there is a segment of people who still consider buying an Android tablet.

Because it is cheaper. But is it really a good idea to buy an Android Tablet now?

1] Inconsistent Software updates

This is an issue with smartphones as well. Many Android smartphone brands don’t push software updates to their models regularly. While some brands do not provide updates at all.

However, the condition with tablets is even worse. Be it any brand, you will never receive a software update in the entire lifetime of that tablet.

I have a Samsung Tablet. Trust me, I never received a single update notification till now. It is on the verge of dying now.

If a premium brand like Samsung gets involved in such matters, then what about the other brands?

2] Scarcity of applications

The majority of the applications are not even available in the play store.
Android Tablets do not synchronize most of the applications. Even if they are synchronized, screen optimization is poor.

You will often face issues while rotating the screen or sometimes apps feel like being operated on Mobile screen.

You will surely get the basic applications but other applications are not available.

3] Lack of Options

If you do a quick search on Amazon or any of the local markets, you won’t really find any good options in the tablet market.

Lenovo and Samsung dominate the tablet market. Except for Samsung, other brands are struggling to even survive in the smartphone market.

I won’t even consider Lenovo and Micromax because – they are not even worth the discussion for now.

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Talking about the Samsung tablets, they also face the major issues which I mentioned above.

Moreover, Samsung tablets crash, lag, and even hang all the time. Their tablets heat too. You can’t really consider working seamlessly.

How do I know? I have one. No prices for guessing it right.

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What should you buy?

It is a major question I am asking you – Why do you need a tablet? What is your usage pattern? The answer will decide what you should go for.

1] Professionals or Businessmen

If you need a tablet for professional work, why are you even thinking for an Android Tablet?

Apple iPad is meant for you. The problem lies with Android tablets. However, Apple iPads are still the best when it comes to tablets.

An iPad works seamlessly and smoothly. No other tablet can beat its optimization. The apps and hardware have perfect synchronization because they all belong to one company – Apple.

I agree that iPads are costly but there are various versions on iPad too. An older iPad will still be a better deal as compared to any Android tablet.

Some iPads are cheap as well!

[Check out: Apple iPad 6th Generation | Amazon Link]

[Check out: Apple iPad Pro | Amazon Link]

[Also Check: Apple iPad Mini | Amazon Link]

2] Graphic Designers

Graphic designers need tablets for their creative work. Often they need a stylus along with the tablet.

A great Android tablet with a stylus is too expensive so Apple iPad seems to be a greater choice.

But there is another special tablet meant for Graphic Designers – Graphic Tablets.

Wacom is doing a great job in this segment. It can be simply attached to your laptop or computer and you are good to go.

The detailing is higher because of the stylus. Also it gives some exclusive features like the thickness of brush increases with pressure and much more.

[Check out: Wacom CTL-4100WL/K0-CX Intuos Tablet]

3] Gamers

If you want a separate device for gaming, I would recommend you to better drop the idea of Android tablets.

They are bad when it comes to gaming.

Lags are going to irritate you where you might end up breaking your tablet into pieces because of frustration.

You can better buy a gaming smartphone. Or maybe a PlayStation or Xbox?

If you don’t want to buy another smartphone, you can get a Nintendo Switch. These are consoles that are specially meant for gaming heavily. Plus, they are not really expensive.

[Check out: Nintendo Switch | Amazon Link]

4] Casual users and Internet Surfers

There are some tablet owners who are not really into gaming or professional work.

When I asked the reason behind buying a tablet, their response was, “I needed a light-weight and cheap device for browsing and some other basic stuff. So, I bought a tablet instead of a laptop”

If you are one of those who is going to buy a tablet for this reason, please wait. For this reason, Chromebooks are made.

I seriously don’t know the reason why Chromebooks are not popular in India. In developed nations, schools provide Chromebooks to their students.

It is nothing but a basic, light, and cheap laptop with Chrome OS. It has just a browser and basic applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

[Check out: Google Chromebooks]

5] For Kids

This is a growing trend in metropolitan cities where the children are provided with a tablet. The kid does nothing on that but watches videos while eating or play some basic games.

Parents are hesitant to buy expensive iPads or smartphones for kids and end up buying a worthless tablet which costs around Rs 10-20k.

For such cases, you can use the Fire tablet. Amazon has an exclusive product of Fire tablet just like Amazon Kindle.

Fire Tablet is nothing but a mini-tablet but with the most affordable price. It will hardly cost around Rs 5k to 10k in Indian Rupees. However, it has the most basic functions.

Moreover, it is not available on Amazon India. You need to import them or buy them from Amazon US.

[Check out: Amazon Fire HD 10 | Amazon Link]

[Check out: Amazon Fire 7 | Amazon Link]

[Also Check: Amazon Fire HD 8 | Amazon Link]

If you are still firm about buying an Android Tablet for your kid, I would recommend another article.

[Check it out: Android Tablets Under 20000 Rupees]

6] For Readers

If you are planning to buy an Android tablet just because you need a cheap screen of bigger dimensions then hold on. Try avoiding that.

Readers have a special device by Amazon which leaves no other better alternative – Amazon Kindle.

Kindle can be the best option for you. The physical design is great and most importantly, your eyes will get some peace. The reading experience on a Kindle can never compete with a tablet even remotely.

Moreover, you get thousands of free books from Amazon. Also, you can load your own books in PDF or Mobi format.

[Check out: Kindle 10th Generation | Amazon Link]

[Check out: Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation | Amazon Link]

[Also Check: Kindle Oasis 9th Generation | Amazon Link]


I am still calm about my recommendation of getting an iPad for the overall experience. Not necessarily the latest and costliest version. An older version or a mini iPad would do a good job.

Otherwise, I mentioned a few alternatives for your convenience:

  • Professionals & Businessmen – iPad
  • Artists – iPad or Wacom Graphic Tablet
  • Gamers – Nintendo Switch
  • Casual Internet Surfers – Chromebook
  • Readers – Amazon Kindle
  • Kids – Amazon Fire

This is purely my opinion about why we need to avoid Android Tablets. At the end, it is your choice and decision. I merely listed a few alternatives.

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