Best EdTech Startups To Look For Jobs

Best EdTech Startups

India’s EdTech industry is the second biggest industry in the world. During this pandemic, Indian EdTech startups have made learning more accessible, manageable, and engaging.

Technology has played a prominent role in this period for the massive surge in Educational tech startups. A few EdTech companies have been titled Unicorn startups while many of them have acquired other startups.

Are you looking for the EdTech companies to work for? Alright! I have listed some of them.

Top EdTech Startups in India


Founders: Anshuman Kumar, Divyansh Bordia, Mihir Gupta, Payoj Jain

Year of Establishment: 2020

Total Funding: $20 Million

Location For Jobs: Bengaluru

Teachmint focuses on the tutor and student connectivity. It helps tutors to connect with students with its mobile-first video-first application.

Its mission is to democratize online education. They have more than 7,00,000 teachers on their platform across 1,500 cities and towns in the country.

Teachmint has over 10,00,000+ classrooms. It allows teachers or tutors to conduct classes online in three simple steps. 


Founders: D Sudhanva, M H Dhananjaya

Year of Establishment: 1999

Total Funding: $38.6 Million

Location For Jobs: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mysore, Noida

Excelsoft was incorporated in 2000. They offer AI-enabled e-Learning solutions in the education and training industry. The company is currently operating in India, Malaysia, Singapore, the UK, and the USA.

Excelsoft provides e-Learning solutions including online assessment, proctoring, corporate learning solutions, and more. In addition, educational learning software has played a considerable part in teaching students and training employees during this pandemic.

They are focusing on school education, higher education, test preparation, and more.


Founders: Aditya Shankar, Tanushree Nagori

Year of Establishment: 2016

Total Funding: $49.9 Million

Location For Jobs: Gurgaon

Doubtnut is mainly focusing on students. It allows students to ask questions about various subjects. Currently, there are solving Physics, Chemistry, and Math problems.

They also offer personalized live online classes for all students. The application helps users find the solutions by scanning and uploading the questions. It solves students’ doubts with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

On the Doubtnut platform, they even give access to answers for respective board examinations such as CBSE and ICSE.


Founders: Manan Khurma

Year of Establishment: 2013

Total Funding: $64.5 Million

Location For Jobs: RemoteCuemath is one of the best EdTech companies to work for. It is an e-learning platform teaching mathematics and coding to students. As of now, they are focusing on 1-12 grade students. Cuemath was founded in 2013 by Manan Khurma.

Besides the online world, Cuemath also runs offline maths and coding classes in various regions. CEO and Founder Manan Khurma was the first teacher who already taught over 10,000 students.


Founders: Rajeev Gaba, Tarun Bhalla

Year of Establishment: 2014

Total Funding: $100 Million

Location For Jobs: Delhi

Avishkaar is one of the leading STEAM educational tech startups in India. They are targeting students interested in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Avishkaar has many Do-It-Yourself Robotics, making and coding products.

They operate several schools where they teach robotics, coding across India and abroad. In addition, Avishkaar runs multiple school programs such as Robotics, Tinkering Labs, and MakerSpaces.


Founders: Naman Mukund

Year of Establishment: 2017

Total Funding: $100 Million

Location For Jobs: Bengaluru, Chennai

Tekie is a live coding teaching platform. Many startups are focusing on this particular market. Yet, Tekie has made its product distinctive which makes it stand out from others. They teach coding in a way of storytelling that engages more with the students.

Tekie is founded by employees working with IIT, IIM, Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Amazon. They provide 1:1 live coding classes to students above the age of 10.


Founders: Hemanth Goteti, Zishaan Hayath

Year of Establishment: 2013

Total Funding: $112.1 Million

Location For Jobs: Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Chennai

Toppr is an after-school learning platform that provides courses and entrance exam tuition.  It helps students in preparation for various school, board, and competitive examinations. Their only purpose is to personalize the education of every child.

Toppr also runs several other services such as Toppr Learning, Toppr Coder, Toppr Answer, and many more. Toppr is targeting different educational backgrounds.

Toppr also acquired two test preparation platforms called EasyPrep and Manch. It is backed by some of the leading investors like Foundation Holding and Kaizenvest.


Founders: Mayank Kumar, Phalgun Kompalli, Ravijot Chugh, Ronnie Screwvala

Year of Establishment: 2015

Total Funding: $176.3 Million

Location For Jobs: Mumbai, Bengaluru

UpGrad is an online higher education platform. It provides diversified courses in discrete fields, including digital marketing, data science, technology, management, and law.

Want to know the best part? UpGrad offers courses with certification. You can give your career a boost in different fields. Along with that, you don’t need to go to college to attend classes. You can attend classes anytime, anywhere, and everywhere.


Founders: Anand Prakash, Pulkit Jain, Saurabh Saxena, Vamsi Krishna

Year of Establishment: 2011

Total Funding: $190.9 Million

Location For Jobs: Remote

Vedantu is one of the biggest EdTech companies in India. It is an Educational tech startup that focuses on e-learning for children. It is soon going to be on the Unicorn startups list.

It offers software that connects teachers and students. They provide a real-time learning experience to children with ease. Some dominating investors, including Tiger Global Management and GGV Capital, have invested in Vedantu.


Founders: Aditi Avasthi

Year of Establishment: 2012

Total Funding: $196 Million

Location For Jobs: Bangalore

Embibe is an educational service that runs on Artificial Intelligence. It recommends a varied number of courses with the help of AI. Do you know the best thing? All the recommended courses are free to watch.

Reliance Industries acquired Embibe. In addition, Embibe acquired EdTech startups including OnlineTyari, Funtoot, and 100 Marks.


Founders: Gaurav Munjal, Hemesh Singh, Roman Saini, Sachin Gupta

Year of Establishment: 2015

Total Funding: $398.5 Million

Location For Jobs: Bengaluru

Unacademy is one of the leading EdTech startups in India. It is an e-learning platform that provides educational content to students, such as video lectures and examinations. Unacademy has top-class teachers on its platform for the betterment of students.

It is backed by investors such as Sachin Tendulkar, Tiger Global Management, Sequoia Capital, etc. Unacademy also acquired startups such as WiFiStudy, PrepLadder, Tap Chief, and more.


Founders: Andrew Ng, Daphne Koller

Year of Establishment: 2012

Total Funding: $443.1 Million

Location For Jobs: India, Singapore, Mexico, Australia, Berlin, London, Toronto, Bulgaria 

Coursera is an American online course provider founded in 2012. They provide courses in various fields. They also offer certification for courses. The company is serving over 20 million learners with 140 best universities and education institutions.

Coursera acquired a training and hands-on demo company called Rhyme.


Founders: Byju Raveendran, Divya Gokulnath

Year of Establishment: 2011

Total Funding: $2.3 Billion

Location For Jobs: Banglore, Trivandrum, Kolkata

BYJU’s is India’s largest ed-tech unicorn. India’s most popular school learning application offers engaging and adaptive classes for LKG, UKG, classes 1 -12. They also offer live classes and video lectures for competitive exams. 

BYJU’s has been backed by prominent investors like Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, Naspers, CPPIB, General Atlantic, and more.

These are the best EdTech companies or startups.

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