10 Gadgets To Avoid in 2021

Gadgets to avoid

We all make mistakes. Some are cheap while some can cost heavily. So, I am gonna tell you about some gadgets to avoid in 2021! Avoid them even if they look flashy or cost you cheap.

It’s 2021 now and we are continuously moving towards high-tech devices and tech products. It’s an era of smart devices.

But sometimes we get carried away by some cheap products or at times, merely by wrong choices.

These mistakes are bound to cost more especially when it comes to electronic products and gadgets.

So, what are these bad tech choices? Check out!

Avoid These Gadgets in 2021 At Any Cost!

Disclaimer: These products are becoming outdated day by day and this post applies only if you are making further purchases.

If you have already bought something, sorry to say but you might get a burn! 😛

Here is the list of gadgets to avoid

1] Non-4G Smartphone

Almost every smartphone brand is manufacturing 5G phones and every telecom operator is hustling to become the first mover towards 5G.

While you, as a consumer, still planning to buy a non-4G smartphone?

Nah! Pretty bad move.

Even feature smartphones like Jio Phone and Nokia are offering you 4G enabled smartphones that don’t cost more than Rs 2000!

Moreover, some operators like Jio are not even playing under 4G. It is super expensive if you are planning to maintain any 3G or a 2G SIM card.

2] HD Televisions

HD Televisions are technically TVs with a 720p display. Don’t buy these televisions.

Even smartphones are offering FHD (Full HD) displays nowadays with the support of a 1080p screen.

Most of the laptops and desktops are providing 4K resolution displays that provide UHD (Ultra HD) screens.

I see no reason why you would even want to go for a 720p display Televisions where the whole purpose lies in its display!

Popular brands like MI, Sony, LG, and many others are giving you the cheapest Full HD televisions. Check them out.

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3] Extended Android TV Box

There are several insertable devices that convert your Television into an Android Television.

Don’t go for it. They are not seamless and the performance simply sucks!

Are you attempting to buy it because you want to play PUBG Mobile on your TV? Well, don’t buy.

As I mentioned in 2nd point, even the cheapest Televisions come with Android OS these days.

Also, you can buy products like Amazon Firestick or Google Chromecast that help you stream OTT services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, YouTube, MX Player, and several others.

Such streaming devices help your ordinary TVs to give an amazing video experience.

Buy Fire TV Stick | Amazon Link

Since we are talking about video experiences, there is another waste gadget that you might want to buy. The next point includes it.

4] VR Headsets

Unless it is an Oculus or you are ultra-rich, don’t buy a VR headset in 2021. It’s not worth it.

I thought that VR headsets will be the future but it is still a distant dream. Not many companies are working on VR. Everyone is working in AR.

I personally feel that very few brands like Oculus are doing a great job in VR headsets. But they are expensive.

Others are simply making cheap cardboard crap that requires your smartphone. Try it once before even buying it.

Even if you buy one, there is not much content to consume through the VR headsets. It will be a wastage of money for you.

5] Portable Gaming Consoles

I know a few of my friends who bought portable gaming consoles for around Rs 15,000 and they simply suck!

Mind you, these consoles are good but they simply don’t have a wide variety of games.

Here are a few alternatives for Portable Gaming Consoles for you.

  1. Buy a Play Station or an Xbox gaming console. They offer a variety of high-end games. The performance is unbeatable.
  2. Even midrange smartphones are better for gaming. These days, Android and iOS are offering so many high-end games that you will never miss those Portable gaming consoles.
  3. If both of the above points don’t make sense for you, get a brick video game. Back to childhood! 😀

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10 Gadgets That You Should Not Buy - Portable Gaming Consoles

Get a branded and reputed gaming console otherwise your smartphone is good enough.

Since we are already talking about cheap jugaads, how can we forget about this stupid gadget that converts your smartphone into DSLR?

6] External Smartphone Camera Lens

This is a joke. This is something that you should never waste your money on!

DSLR companies are investing millions of dollars in their R&D while you are making a DSLR from a smartphone.

Manufacturers are competing hard to give the best camera smartphones.

Can’t they offer you the same lens costing Rs 200 as you buy?

But they don’t. Think why!

10 Gadgets That You Should Not Buy - External Smartphone Camera Lens

Hence, an external smartphone camera lens doesn’t work. Don’t trust if someone tells you otherwise.

There is another photography related worthless gadget as well. And that is…

7] Point And Shoot Camera

There was a time where Point and Shoot cameras would give an outstanding performance for handy photography purposes.

However, smartphones perform better these days.

For those who don’t know what I am exactly talking about. Here is a better explanation in the form of a picture.

Point and Shoot Camera vs DSLR | Do I need a DSLR?

If you can extend your budget, buy a good DSLR otherwise your smartphone is good enough.

Instead of buying a point and shoot camera in 2021, you should better consider a smartphone in the same range.

I have written a dedicated post explaining this. I am linking it down here.

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This camera type is definitely one of the gadgets to avoid in 2021.

8] Memory Card

If your smartphone has a storage of 64 GB to 128 GB then I don’t really feel that you need an external memory card.

Your internal storage is more than enough.

Moreover, this is the age of cloud storage. Use online free storage options like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

There are so many risks with physical memory cards. For instance, card getting corrupted or stolen. Also, you need to buy them.

Instead, buy a pen drive or hard disk with large storage capacity and store the backup of important stuff only. Don’t fill it with trash.

Again, I have written a separate post where I discussed this topic.

Wow! I am feeling so proud that I have so much of pre-existing content! 😛

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9] Unbranded Power Banks

Do you see people selling power banks for Rs 500 in local trains?

Don’t even think to buy them… ever!

Unbranded power banks are no less than portable bombs.

Yes, that’s not an exaggeration.

All the blasts that occur with smartphones majorly include third-party battery or charger. Now imagine an unbranded power bank that has a power of almost 2-3 fake batteries!

Unbranded power bank companies really don’t care for you. They will never charge your phone. You might face several issues.

Most importantly, there is no guarantee/warranty and the existence of such companies as well.

Always check for all the certifications issued by authorities before buying a power bank. Don’t play with your phone as well as life.

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10] Speakers without Bluetooth Support

Since Apple removed the audio jack from its iPhone in 2016, all the smartphone companies started following the trend.

Right now, almost all the midrange and flagship smartphones have dropped audio jack.

I see no reason why anyone would buy a speaker without a Bluetooth speaker while there are better alternatives available. Where are you gonna handle those wires and cables?

So, better get a speaker with Bluetooth support instead because they are cheap.

Summary: 10 Gadgets To Avoid in 2021

  1. Non-4G Smartphones
  2. HD Televisions
  3. Extended Android TV Box
  4. VR Headsets
  5. Portable Gaming Console
  6. External Smartphone Camera Lens
  7. Point & Shoot Cameras
  8. Memory Cards
  9. Unbranded Power Banks
  10. Speakers without Bluetooth Support

While you might be loving to purchase electronic gadgets, don’t forget this list of gadgets to avoid in 2021.

Thank me later for saving your money.

I personally handpick some great gadgets for you!
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