Get Freelance Work Using These 5 Proven Techniques

Get Freelance Work

Many people got the taste of working from home in 2020 due to the pandemic. Many people even decided to switch to freelancing. However, becoming a freelancer is easier but to get freelance work consistently is tough.

To become a full-time freelancer, you need a continuous flow of projects and long-term clients. Just getting projects is still not sustainable unless you make a decent income.

Of course, it is a business. There are ups and downs. You individually need to manage your projects as well as other operations.

Indeed, a freelancer is a superhero! It is not as easy as social media portrays it.

Coming to the important point – how to get more clients and more projects?

5 Strategies To Acquire More Clients & Get Freelance Work

It is often observed that established freelancers keep getting more and more projects even after charging hefty fees while beginners struggle. It’s not always the fact that an established freelancer delivers higher quality than a beginner.

If you are just starting now, how will you acquire more freelance projects? Here are some strategies.


Ask any experienced freelancer and you will mostly get a common answer that he/she gets the highest number of clients from referrals.

It can be your previous clients, friends, or network. When people know you, your work, and your work ethic then the bonding is stronger. There is trust.

If you are just starting off, you can approach your friends with businesses and offer to work for free or at lower charges. You will learn to operate as a freelancer.

If you deliver 2-3 good projects, your clients will start referring you to their network of business owners.

Make sure that you are delivering really high-quality work to your first handful of clients. They play an important role.

The media is unavailable as it is no longer available on our devices. But you get the point.

Satisfied clients and customers will do the publicity for you. Word of mouth marketing is the best strategy for any business.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Other Social Media Groups

I have mentioned several times on my various platforms that I got my first freelance client through Quora. Although, Quora is not the best platform to get clients because it does not allow you to network with niche-based businesses.

Connect the business owners of your niche on LinkedIn and keep posting content that will attract those connections. It will ensure that you have authority in your niche. Show your expertise.

Once you establish your grip on a particular skill and industry, businesses automatically start approaching you.
How do I know? I have been a freelancer and used these strategies successfully. 🙂

Similarly, there are several groups on Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, and several other social media platforms where freelancers and entrepreneurs hang out.

Offer free value to such groups and pitch your services when someone asks for it. Some freelancers and agencies outsource their work as well.

Avoid spamming unnecessarily. Seriously, avoid it!

Ad Campaigns

Running ad campaigns is the least utilized technique because it makes you blow your money and invest in ads. Not everyone can afford it in the beginning.

If you have a good portfolio and convincing factors, it is a great idea to run ad campaigns for your freelance services

  • Low competition – Not everyone can do it so you get an edge over your peers and competitors
  • Accurate targeting – Ad campaigns allow you to closely target your audience and reach them directly in a laser-focused manner
  • Looks professional – Someone who is running ad campaigns to reach the businesses creates a sense of professionalism and seriousness

There are 2 major ways to run ad campaigns for your services.

Search Ads

How about setting up an ad campaign that will make you appear on the top of Google or any search engine ranking?

Someone searches for ‘Best Content Writer’ or ‘Hire Graphic Designer’ and your name appears on the top. These are known as Search Ads. Google will charge you if the searcher clicks on your name, otherwise not.

Search Ads come under Search Engine Marketing and you work on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Display Ads

Display Ads generally come over social media platforms while the users are scrolling through their feeds. People don’t really search for your services but your Ad pops up.

You can target people and businesses based on their interests, internet activities, etc. Not only social media but Google offers to run your display ads on various websites. Platforms will charge you for impressions and not clicks.

Marketplaces For Freelancers

There are several marketplaces for freelancers where you can register yourself and get projects. The platforms take some commission from your earnings.

Personally, I never used these platforms because they take a share and have some strict policies. You can try it out.

I am listing some popular marketplaces for freelancers:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • LocalShout
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Toptal
  • Aquent
  • Crowded
  • Behance
  • Simply Hired
  • Dribbble
  • Guru
  • Writer Access (Only for writers)
  • 99 Designs (Only for designers)

You might not get freelance work easily on such platforms due to tough competition. So what now?

I have mentioned several such tips in my Free Ebook. If you are an Engineer or from a technical background then you should definitely check it out.

Outreach The Needy Startups [The Best Strategy]

Outreaching companies and startups is the best way to get more freelance projects. Here are the reasons:

  • Marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork are very competitive in nature. You might need to struggle a lot in your initial days.
  • Running Ad campaigns will burn your money and there is no guarantee of conversion.
  • Referrals are good but they are limited in number.
  • Social media platforms are full of your competitors who will grab the opportunity as soon as someone posts for the requirements.

Meanwhile, outreaching gives you the control to choose your company as well as a competitive advantage.

So how will you do it?

Several startups need people to fulfill their demands. Some even declare job vacancies.

Freelancers have an edge here. They can ask out such startups if they offer remote jobs to freelancers. In most cases, startups agree to hire freelancers because that saves them space and money.

An employee is a liability for a company. Freelancers lighten this burden. It is easier to get freelance work in startups.


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