Job Satisfaction – How Your Industry & Company Matter?

When I was an engineering student, everyone had just one focus – to get the highest-paying job. Students often overlook the job satisfaction, industry, work culture of the companies, and several other things.

Result? Most of them are lamenting because they simply don\’t like the work now.

It is simple logic – you cannot give your complete dedication if you just hate the work, boss, or company.

Salary is credited on one single day of a month but you need to face your work and boss daily. Eventually, your lifestyle gets used to that hefty salary and it fails to motivate you further.

The same goes for freelancers. I have seen freelancers accepting literally any that comes their way and end up delivering mediocre quality of work.

Everyone has a set of interests and it gets boring to work beyond that. Of course, you can stretch your limits but it is not feasible in long run.

Your Industry Matters A Lot For Your Job Satisfaction


Are you working in an industry of your choice? Have you picked up a niche for yourself?

If you do what you love, you\’ll never work a day in your life.
Marc Anthony

Although I don\’t blindly believe in this quote, it explains a lot. If you work for an industry of your interest then you are bound to grow faster.

It still does not guarantee job satisfaction because it depends on several factors. Joining the industry of choice just clears one of the major hurdles.

If you are a mobile app developer, what kind of apps do you build?
Do you make games or apps for restaurants? Or financial apps?
Or you just don\’t have any choice and try to build everything? It\’s a bad idea.

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Freelancers often commit this mistake. They try to become an agency. Even I did the same.

When I started freelancing, I was open to multiple skills in multiple categories.

Is the client asking for health blogs? Okay, I am up for it.
Client asking for education? Cool!
Client demanding content for financial services? No issues from my side.

There were 2 major issues that I faced:

  1. I had no portfolio. Did I work in the health industry before? No. Then how am I supposed to show my sample work?
  2. Research takes more time than we think. Working in a single industry boosts your knowledge tremendously. Some times you don\’t even need to research.

Now I am completely focused on the Technology niche.

The same goes for a job. If you keep swinging in multiple industries then you end up gaining knowledge from multiple industries but that is useless for you as well as the next company.

Sticking To One Industry Creates An Authority

When you work in an industry, your network consists of people from the same niche.

But how about creating an authority and an impact?
An authority in an industry is the result of gradual contribution and work. It can never come by hopping into multiple industries.

Have you seen the professional leaders or experts? They have been working in the same field for decades. The experience gives cumulative rewards.

For instance, LG is a popular electronics brand that has been working on home appliances for decades. People prefer refrigerators, televisions from LG.
However, LG recently entered the smartphone market and people still don\’t prefer LG over the popular brands.

What went wrong? Quality is good and LG is a renowned brand as well. But it never emerged as a leading smartphone brand even after working in electronics.

The main reason lies with the authority. Other brands have already established themselves as smartphone leaders.
Similarly, people don\’t prefer air conditioners from Nokia or smartphones from Sony.

The whole game lies with the authority and this holds true for individuals as well.
Someone who has been working in a single domain for a longer period is often more respected because of the grip.

Since I have been working in the Tech niche, people trust me and refer me whenever they need help with Tech. That\’s how I created my authority in the Technology niche.

Building A Business or Side Projects


Someone who has been working in real estate knows the best about the real industry. Similarly, a banker knows about finances and a teacher understands the psychology of students.

This comes with experience and consistent work in the field.

You understand the challenges and shortcomings in your industry. There are countless micro-level gaps that no large company focuses on.

You can later fill those gaps by building a product or a business around it.

Working in a company of your interest helps you know much about the industry. It helps you to focus on the required skills and resources right from the beginning.

I have been working in Tech and my main website (pritesh pawar dot com) helped me build a good revenue source. Similarly, this website (chopping tech dot com) is an extended version of Technology where I focused on tech companies.

But How Can You Find Companies of Your Interest?

Research is your key to finding such companies. I know it takes effort but it is definitely worth the time and effort.

If you are someone who is interested in tech startups and companies then I have a solution for you.

Once you become a premium member, you just need to visit the \’Explore\’ section from the menu bar on this website.
Chopping Tech > Menu > Explore

In case you are not a member, you can get access to the explore page by purchasing the membership from the \’Join Now\’ button on the menu.

Pick the company of your interest and check for the openings. If they have some openings then it is easy to apply.

Now you might ask, \”Pritesh, why would I apply from here when I can just apply from any other job portal?\”

To answer your query, \’Chopping Tech\’ is not a job portal. It is a research platform for people to search for companies of their interest. Work or job satisfaction does not come where the herd is heading. It comes when you are doing something unique.

Hundreds of people apply from job portals just because the platform notified them. Meanwhile, on Chopping Tech, you will be searching for companies from your end and become an early applicant without any competition.

Don\’t let companies pick you. You need to pick the companies for real job satisfaction.


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