Boring Phone – A Minimalist Smartphone

Boring Phone

What do you think when I say ‘Boring phone’?

You might be thinking, “Huh! My smartphone is the most boring phone as I have nothing on it. I keep scrolling the same 3-5 apps all day. I thought buying a costly phone might be awesome but no change. It’s dull now.”

But what if I tell you that you will feel blessed after looking at a smartphone which has absolutely nothing. It’s just a Boring Phone, for real!

Let me clarify that this is not any other crazy product from Elon Musk’s Boring company.

So, what is this Boring smartphone? Let’s explore more about this phone.

What is Boring Phone?

Boring Phone consists of all the necessary things but there is not a single application that will distract you. The company has not involved any social media applications or games. It is just a plain black and white smartphone.

Of course, you get the necessary things colorful but that’s it. You don’t get a colorful screen for all applications. So, can you imagine how boring it might get to operate a monochrome smartphone?

Need of this Boring Smartphone?

Smartphone addiction is a serious issue these days. This company took the initiative to combat the issue of smartphone addiction.

The average time spent on smartphones is 2 hours 51 minutes per day. That becomes more than 42 days in a single year. On a side note, if you are spending more time than the already high average number then you need to improve your habits.

Feature phones are too less for today’s needs and a smartphone is just too much. As a result, this company came up with this concept.

After all, not all countries have JioPhones! 😉

Boring phone

Specifications of this Minimalist Phone?

This smartphone is no other than our Xiaomi MI A1. The company customized this phone and made a new product out of it.

BoringPhone has its own operating system called BoringPhone OS. It is a is a modified version of the open source LineageOS.

However, the hardware specifications are still the same as MI A1.

ChipsetSnapdragon 625
Battery3080 mAh
Display5.5″ (1080×1920 pixels)
CameraRear = 12+12 MP, Front = 5 MP
Storage4 GB RAM + 32 GB ROM
SIM SupportDual SIM (Hybrid)

What Works on Boring phone?

  • Calling
  • Messaging
  • Camera
  • GPS and Navigation
  • FM Radio
  • Music player
  • Podcasts
  • Calendar
  • Calculator
  • Gallery
  • Notepad
  • Hotspot
  • Voice Recorder
  • Torch

Things That Won’t Work on Boring phone:

  • Playstore
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Browser

Here is the demo of this phone:

So yeah, it is not that bad as it is appearing. All you will miss is the flexibility of installing and using different apps.

If you are determined enough with reducing your smartphone addiction then I don’t think it will be much difficult for you. 😉

How Can I Get it?

You need to order this phone from their official website.

Currently, they accept only in Newzealand Dollars but looking at the demand, they are probably expanding their reach. You will get all the details on their website.

It is fully compatible in India.

Should I Go For It?

If you ask me then I would not really encourage to buy this phone primarily for two reasons –
1) It’s just too costly
2) We have better alternatives like JioPhone

This smartphone costs NZD $349 which is roughly around Rs 17k. Meanwhile, the original MI A1 was below Rs 15k and now it is pretty outdated. I can understand that the company needs to make a profit after its own costs of customizations.

However, it is not a perfect deal for India. It might be good for you if –

  1. You are a minimalist looking for a clean and minimalist smartphone
  2. You are someone who does not want to go for a feature phone due to its hard buttons

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