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Google Quickdraw

It’s been a boring pandemic and lockdown. You might have tried Drawasaurus where you draw and your friends identify the objects. But what if your friends are unavailable and you still want to play? Google Quickdraw is a better option for such cases.

No doubt, it’s fun playing with friends. But there are times when times don’t match or you are simply not in the mood.

Here is an interesting website called Google Quickdraw where you need to draw stuff within 20 seconds. Sounds good?

What is Google Quickdraw?

Google Quickdraw is an open-source platform by Google where you can draw things and AI will try to guess the objects you draw.

The computer will ask you to draw something. You will have to draw a rough picture within 20 seconds. The AI-based guesser will keep guessing smartly whatever you will draw.

You can play this game by clicking here.

Step 1: As soon as you visit Quickdraw >> Select “Let’s Draw”

Step 2: You will be asked to draw a rough sketch of something. Let’s say, a sketch of a newspaper? You will draw a rough sketch of a newspaper.

Step 3: The AI guesser will keep guessing until it understands what exactly you have drawn. This is a fun part.

I am playing this game while writing this post and it asked me to draw a Pickup Truck, Soccer Ball, Mosquito, Mailbox, Stop Sign, and Newspaper.

Google Quickdraw Newspaper

Here’s my newspaper! πŸ˜€

Don’t judge my drawing, okay? It was drawn within 20 seconds. πŸ˜›

How Quickdraw Works?

Google Quickdraw is an excellent example of how Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are becoming mainstream day by day. This is an open-source platform by Google where people can draw things for fun.

It is like a small human baby. It keeps learning day by day with more and more examples. So where will it learn from?

It learns from the sketches that you are drawing over there.

If it asks you to draw a ball but you make something in an oval shape, it will still consider it as a ball. This is simply because thousands of people have drawn a ball in an oval shape and Google thinks that an oval shape also represents a ball.

The point is that Google is learning from all the sketches drawn by human beings. As soon as you start drawing your doodle, Google starts guessing it one by one. If Google does not understand it, it will reject your drawing and put a wrong mark there.

Quickdraw Data

You can even view how other people have drawn for the same thing.

Quickdraw Data

This is how people had drawn an elephant. People are seriously very creative. I have observed the beauty of scribbling and clipart. There are so many ways to draw just anything within 20 seconds. Just anything!

So far, Quickdraw is the coolest example of Machine learning that I have used practically at such a level. Kudos Google!

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