Shot on iPhone | Are iPhone Commercials Real?

Shot on iPhone

iPhone has always been heavily advertising its camera quality which is indeed unbeatable as compared to other phones. Their ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign is indeed famous.

But is it really the way it looks? Do iPhones really capture such flawless photographs or videos?

Here is the reality.

What is ‘Shot on iPhone’ commercial?

iPhone photographers and videographers around the world share their best photos for the Shot on iPhone Challenge and then the 10 selected winners will be featured on billboards in select cities, in Apple retail stores and online. 

Shot on iPhone 6
Shot on iPhone 6

This is how it works. Photographers and Videographers want Apple to publish them. So, if you are a mobile photographer or videographer, you might want to participate.

Are ‘Shot on iPhone’ ads true?

Of course, all the images in iPhone ads or any smartphone commercials are shot on the respective phones* only.


But this is just a misleading marketing tactic. They clearly write a statement ‘Additional equipment and software used’ which most of the people tend to ignore.

Shot on iPhone - Additional Equipment and Software Used
Shot on iPhone – Additional Equipment and Software Used

Oh! Did you miss this? Let’s watch an iPhone commercial again and observe the end. Here you go. Play this video:

Cool! I bet you missed it earlier.

Now you will know the reality behind these pictures and videos because you are here, reading my blog post. Thank yourself! đŸ˜‰

So, what are these ‘Additional equipment and software used’?

What differs between your camera shots and these shots used in the commercials?

1] Stabilization

You always get a shaky and unfocused shot on any phone. A few second shots might look stable but when the video length is more, there is no way you get smooth footage. So they use gimbals and various stabilizing machines to take unctuous shots.

Shot on iPhone - Stabilization
Shot on iPhone – Stabilization

2] Clarity

How do they manage to get an image as one clicked on a DSLR? Because they use various external lens and magnifiers which provide them with a huge margin of zooming capacity.

I’ll cover a dedicated blog post on why the phone cameras can never beat DSLR cameras.

Shot on iPhone - Clarity
Shot on iPhone – Clarity

3] Cinematic Shots

No wonder a human cannot give a cinematic effect merely by using hands like what most of the people imagine when they see these shots. Hence, a drone is useful to make such shots. Drones are great to take the best images from remote parts where humans cannot reach.

Isn’t this obvious when a shot consists of a horse running on an open field? How can a human run behind a horse with an iPhone?

Drone Photography
Shot on iPhone – Drone

This was just about the hardware equipment which they use. Also, the real magic lies in the software part and editing they do to enhance the images. Only they know how much editing is done.

Sure, Apple commercials do look stunning but these facts are heartbreaking for an amateur photographer. Not everyone can afford these costly gadgets and software to publish professional art.

So, next time if you get inspired by such commercials, get ready to sell your heart, lungs, brain, house along with the kidneys.

After all hiding truth is technically not lying, is it?


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