7 Most Luxury Gadgets in the World

Luxury Gadgets

Electronic devices have always been a privilege for most of us. At times you might get envious because your colleague owns the most luxury gadgets.

What if I tell you that the latest iPhone or the latest Apple product is not the most expensive electronic device?

There are some gadgets that cost millions of Dollars. Shocked?

Yup, even I got the same shock when I was exploring the list while researching for some costly gadgets.

Hold your horses, take some deep breath and check out the products that you cannot miss in 2020.

List of Most Luxury Gadgets in 2020

1] iPhone = Caviar iPhone 11 Pro ($100,000)

Most Luxury Gadgets include the Most Expensive iPhone - Caviar iphone 11 Pro

$100,000 counts a rough amount of Rs 71,04,370

Caviar is a Russian company that is famous for its luxurious customization on all the gadgets. The customization is full of gold and diamonds.

However, this is not enough. Caviar iPhone 11 Pro has a motorized clock on the iPhone which you can actually hear ticking in a silent atmosphere.

This iPhone has a massive number of 127 diamonds studded in the backside.

This product will be personally delivered to you if you happen to order it somehow. I have no idea why you will do this but just an addition to the useless information that we have.

This is meant for the people who truly admire the carving and minute fabrication.

2] Headphones = Focal Utopia by Tournaire ($120,000)

Focal Utopia by Tournaire is the most expensive luxury headphone

$120K approximately equals to Rs 15,98,48,325.

Focal Utopia is an over-ear headphone.

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This is already a luxury product that is mostly used by professionals and audiophiles to enhance their audio experience.

Tournaire moved one step ahead. 

This company embedded gold and diamonds on the existing headphones of Focal Utopia and selling it with a price tag of $120,000. 

Even I am amazed as much as you are!

3] Smartphone = Diamond Crypto Smartphone ($1.3 Million)

Most Luxury Gadgets include Diamond Crypto Smartphone

$1.3 Million roughly becomes Rs 9,23,56,810.

This might look like an old boring feature phone but don’t judge a mobile phone by its cover. 

Diamond Crypto Smartphone is studded with 50 diamonds.

It is actually a smartphone and it operates on Windows CE. It is actually a cryptic smartphone that is highly secure and it is almost next to impossible to hack or compromise.

This is definitely not for everyone but for a few exceptional people who are ultra-rich and respect their privacy while flaunting their wealth.

I am fine with the security of the device though I am not sure about your safety if you own this smartphone. 

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4] Laptop = MJ’s Swarovski And Diamond Studded Notebook ($3.5 Million)

MJ's Swarovski And Diamond Studded Notebook is one of the Most Luxury Gadgets

The current meaning of 3.5 Million Dollars is approximately Rs 24,86,52,950 only.

Swarovski is a diamond company that has made this highly luxurious laptop. The base laptop is Apple Macbook Pro and it contains loads of gold and diamonds.

Meanwhile, MJ is widely famous for making exotic luxury tech products. 

These two companies came together and made this most precious laptop.

Have you observed how most of the luxury items are made by jewelry companies? Interesting insight.

5] Television = Stuart Hughes ($2.5 Million)

Most Expensive Television Stuart Hughes TV

I know you would be Googling all the USD to INR conversions after looking at the price tags. Hence, I am making it contextual for my Indian audience.

$2.5 Million = Rs 15,98,48,325 approximately.

I personally found this product as a trash product because it is just an HD Television that has some gold and diamonds.

I mean, who even watches an HD TV these days when the world is competing for 4K Television?

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What are you going to watch – jewelry or the content on TV?

Anyway, who are we to judge?

Stuart Hughes Television consists of 28 kilograms of solid 18 Carat rose gold along with some diamonds. It’s a Television with a size of 55 inches.

6] Car = Aston Martin-Red Bull AM-RB 001 ($3.9 Million)

Most Expensive Car 2020 - Aston-Martin-Red-Bull-AM-RB-001

As of now, Rs 27,70,70,430 is the cost of $3.9 Million.

The super-luxury car Aston Martin-Red Bull AM-RB 001 is one of the most beautiful pieces of technology.

AM-RB 001 has an estimated top speed of 250 mph with a power output of 1,160 hp.

Among all the luxury products that I mentioned in this post, I find this car to be the most value for money product. No wastage on jewelry decoration but a pure price of technology.

7] Watch = Graff Diamonds: The Hallucination ($55 Million)

Most Expensive Watch - Graff: The Hallucination

55 Million US Dollars roughly equals to 3,90,74,03,500 INR. But I have no idea how to read it in Indian terms. Probably, Rs 390 Crore?

Graff Diamonds launched the most expensive watch in the world with a price tag of $55 Million.

This watch is more of a platinum bracelet with a 110 Carats of rare colored diamonds with a watch embedded in it. 

I wonder how much people actually earn who buy this fancy thing! Truly impressive!

Summary: Most Luxury Gadgets

  1. iPhone = Caviar iPhone 11 Pro ($100,000)
  2. Headphones = Focal Utopia by Tournaire ($120,000)
  3. Smartphone = Diamond Crypto Smartphone ($1.3 Million)
  4. Laptop = MJ’s Swarovski And Diamond Studded Notebook ($3.5 Million)
  5. Television = Stuart Hughes ($2.5 Million)
  6. Car = Aston Martin-Red Bull AM-RB 001 ($3.9 Million)
  7. Watch = Graff Diamonds: The Hallucination ($55 Million)

I know I ignited a sense of envy by listing these most luxury gadgets but it’s totally worth knowing 🙂


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