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So I got a long weekend of 3 consecutive days and what did I do? I was testing some of the best online multiplayer games.

All of us are distanced from each other and video calls might prove to be the saviors.

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However, we can’t be video calling all the time. It can be slightly depressing at times because we miss them and end up reliving past memories. Loneliness is upsetting.

We need some spicy fun element in the connection. So what now?

Online games can be the best solution to bring that fun element. Some games even allow you to voice chat internally and that is the best part.

Online multiplayer games with voice chat are fun but not all the games have that feature. In that case, you can conference call your friends and enjoy together. It’s fun. That’s what popular YouTubers do on Discord.

You get to have fun with your friends while literally live conferencing with them. This is one of the major reasons why PUBG Mobile got its fame. Unfortunately, it is no more available in India. But I have got you some awesome alternatives! 😉

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But not everyone is into hardcore gaming. Some people might want to play other multiplayer games with their friends and family.

So, I am listing some awesome games for you. I’d also like to thank my Instagram community for suggesting some awesome games. Cheers!

Best Online Multiplayer Games To Play With Your Buddies

List of Some Cool Online Multiplayer Games

I have played most of the games that I am mentioning here.

I am particularly taking care to mention the games that everyone can play because gamers don’t need such lists.

1] Among Us (New Arrival)

I recently got to know about this space-themed game ‘Among Us’ where players need to accomplish some tasks. There is a group of players that form crewmates. Among them, there are some bad elements and they are called Imposters.
Crew members don’t know about the identity of Imposters.

Crewmates can win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the impostor off the ship. Imposters keep on creating chaos all the time. The crewmates need to guess the bad folks.

I personally liked the concept and we can safely assume that graphics play no importance if the concept of a game is great. This game’s graphics are not too good but it is gaining the popularity day by day.

You can either play with strangers or with friends. But you need at least 4 friends to privately play the game.

Availability: Android, iOS

2] Quizup

This is one of my personal favorites. This game consists of online GK quizzes. You can choose among the topics of your interests.

You need to answer the multiple-choice questions within a time limit. The one who answers the fastest, scores the highest.

Quizup hosts daily competitions in various topics. You can even participate and compete in them.

That’s it. You can play with your friends by connecting them or you can simply play it online with random strangers.

Availability: Android, iOS

3] Ludo King

I don’t think Ludo game even requires any introduction now.

It is the same game that we used to play in our childhood with our friends and cousins during summer vacations.

The only difference is that we used to play using dice but now we merely need a screen.

Create a room and make your friends join in the game. Now enjoy it.

Availability: Android, iOS

4] UNO

UNO is the best time passing game of cards that is easy to play as well as understand. Most of the family functions and gatherings are incomplete without UNO.

But how will you refresh those memories of playing UNO together? Well, if you search for anything on your app store, you might definitely find a game for it.

UNO is not an exception as well. You will love to create private rooms to make your friends join it and play the game together.

If not, you can always play with online players or simply with the computer.

Availability: Android, iOS

5] Psych!

Psych! is a cool game that you can play with your friends. You cannot enter a team unless you have a code. So, it is specifically meant for group gaming.

The rule is simple – you need to choose a topic for your game and ask your friends to join once a private room is created.

Once the game starts, you will be given some questions and you need to write fake answers. Yes, fake answers to the questions!

The points are allotted as per the voting.

Try it once, it’s fun! More the people, better will be the experience!

Availability: Android, iOS

6] Business Game

I don’t know how many of you played Monopoly game in your childhood but it was an amazing game.

I tried to search it on app store but unfortunately, it was a paid game on both iOS as well as Android. It costs around Rs 250-300.

If you want to pay on the original Monopoly game then you can surely go for it but I am loving the free alternative called Business Game.

You have a board game where you need to buy stuff, rent it and basically show your business skills.

I am addicted to this game from past 2 days. Check it out.

Availability: Android, iOS

7] Drawasaurus

This game is very simple to understand. You need to create a private room where you will invite your friends.

Every member will get a chance to draw something on a canvas and the other members will recognize the figure.

The one who guesses it correctly scores the highest points.

You can even join random public rooms if you don’t have any family members or friends present at the moment.

It’s like playing with Google Quickdraw except that your friends guess your drawing instead of Google AI. Not sure what Quickdraw is?

[Know more about: Google Quickdraw]

There are several games like Drawasaurus. I am listing a few of them: skribbl, gartic.io, LetsDraw.It, Draw Something!, Drawesome, Sketchful.io, Drawize, iScribble, Drawaria.online, and many others.

Availability: Drawasauras Web

9] World Cricket Championship 2

Hello Cricket lovers! I know you have already heard about WCC2 at least once in your life.

World Cricket Championship 2 is the most complete game that I have ever seen when it comes to Cricket. The realistic graphics, too many features and an excellent user interface boosts the experience.

The best part is that you need a partner with an equal amount of cricket enthusiasm. If you have such a friend then you can make the teams and enjoy the game.

So what can be better than sharing the joy of cricket together?

Availability: Android, iOS

10] Tambola

If you are a housie lover then you’d definitely love this game. After all, how can a get-together be completed without housie?

There is a caller who calls the randomly generated number. The players mark off the numbers on their tickets. The winner will be the first person to mark off all their numbers.

Tambola can be a great source of light entertainment especially when it comes to family entertainment or group moments.

Availability: Android, iOS

11] COD Mobile

So, I won’t be giving too much footage to these games. Everyone knows them. Admit it, PUBG Mobile is still one of the the best Online Multiplayer Games.

I have already written a detailed article on Player Unknowns Battle Ground Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile.

[You can check it out from here: PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile – Which is Better?]

But since we don’t have PUBG Mobile now, you can check out other similar games.

In case you are worried about your smartphone not able to handle such heavy games then you might check Free Fire.

Free Fire is a lighter version of PUBG Mobile Lite that can be played on a smartphone with 1 GB RAM.

Availability: Android, iOS

12] Clash of Clans

If you are a lover of strategy games then these games would manage to hook you up for hours.

I played Clash of Kings for around 18 months and I got completely addicted to the game. You need to build empire, raise your army and attack. Sounds fun?

Although Clash of Kings has been banned now, Clash of Clans is a similar game. Try it out.

Availability: Android, iOS

There are many more online multiplayer games like Carrom, Cards, Hay Day, Mini Militia, Fortnite, Clash Royale, NBA Jam, etc, etc. The list is simply endless.

These are merely some popular apps that people like the most. Let me know if you want to add and contribute to the list. I’d be glad to do if you suggest something unique yet simple.

Playing online games together can be fun. But do you know what else feels good? To watch online programs, series or movies together.

There are a few apps that allow you to watch the online content together.

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I’ll be adding more interesting stuff like this in the upcoming days. Stay tuned 😉


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