12 Mistakes To Avoid While Using A Smartphone

Smartphone Mistakes

If you are using a smartphone then I am sure that you might be committing one or the other mistake. To make our smartphones live longer, here are the mistakes to avoid while using a smartphone.

12 Common Smartphone Mistakes You Should Avoid

12 Mistakes To Avoid While Using A Smartphone

1] Using Duplicate Charger or Battery

This is the most common mistake that I have seen people committing because they don’t know the intensity.

Take any smartphone blast incident and most of the times it was found that the user was using a duplicate charger or battery.

That is because your smartphone is not capable to handle random electric currents.

If a company has made some specific charger or battery then it is serving some purpose.

2] Installing Apps From Unknown Sources

Most of the times people pirate some applications because they get pro or premium versions for free.

Sure, you don’t have to pay for such paid apps when you pirate them. However, most of the times malicious code are added to these applications.

Nothing comes for free. If someone is taking efforts to provide that app for free then it is going to cost you something. Probably your data or personal & financial details.

Install your apps from Google Playstore (Android) or Apple Appstore (iOS) only.

3] Installing Fake Apps

If I am saying that you need to install apps from the App Store then that doesn’t mean all the apps are genuine there.

Some features need hardware support to run on a device. That means a random fake app cannot do that task for you on the basis of software.

For instance:

  1. Your smartphone cannot have an in-display fingerprint scanner on the screen if it doesn’t have the required software.
  2. No app can enable the ‘remote’ that you see on Xiaomi devices because your smartphone requires an IR blaster.
  3. Your smartphone cannot click pictures in ‘portrait mode’ or ‘wide-angle mode’ because you need a triple or dual camera setup in your smartphone.
Fake Fingerprint Scanner App
Fake Fingerprint Scanner App

These were just a few examples. Understand the functions that need hardware. These apps serve no purpose other than ads.

4] Clearing Recent Apps or RAM again and again

I have seen this habit in a countless number of people who keep clearing their recent apps, again and again, thinking that it is saving battery.

Don’t do it.

Whenever you kill your recent apps, your smartphone needs to restart it once again and load all the data. This consumes much more battery than you think.

Your smartphone is smart enough to kill those tasks which exceed the time limit and when it genuinely needs some RAM space.

5] Clearing Cache Frequently

For those who don’t know, the cache is the temporary data of your apps which is stored by smartphones so that it can be accessed faster.

For example, when you load your Instagram feed and turn off your data/Wifi, you can still view the recent posts.

The reason being that your smartphone stores that data in its cache memory.

Don’t clear it too frequently because it anyway gets refilled. On the other hand, it takes more resources for your smartphone to refill that cache data.

6] Allowing All App Permissions

Android and iOS have given us a facility where you can turn off those app permissions which are not really required.

But most of the people grant all the permissions to random applications.

For instance, why does a camera filter app requires location? Also, why does a video editing app needs your contacts?

App Permissions in Android

There are numerous examples. Just check your app permission settings and you will be flabbergasted. Turn off those worthless permissions right now.

7] Installing an Antivirus

We all have grown up using a Windows PC where we need a dedicated anti-virus.

However, Android works on Linux Operating System and iOS works on the Unix Operating system.

Let’s not go into the technical details but both of these Operating Systems don’t need any antivirus. You will be safe as long as you follow point #2 of this post.

iOS and Android don’t need antivirus. In turn, antivirus apps are utilizing extra resources in your smartphone for no reason.

8] Installing Battery Saver Apps

Do you know what a battery saver app does? It performs the same task that I mentioned in point #4 of this post.

In addition to clearing RAM, these apps turn off your WiFi, Bluetooth, and other signals when not in use. Also, some apps adjust your brightness.

Don’t you think these things can be done manually? Why do you need to waste space, data and processing power for such apps?

In-built battery savers in mobile phones are the best. Don’t install 3rd party apps because they end up eating up your phone’s resources.

9] Rooting Android or Jailbreaking iOS without any valid reason

This generally happens among the Engineering students.

Rooting an Android or Jailbreaking an iOS device seems cool for most of the youngsters. It is obvious because you are doing something so technical that most people don’t even know about.

For those who are unaware of Rooting/Jailbreaking, it is a process when you break the security seal given by smartphone manufacturers.

You get to access the core and literally do anything with your smartphone after this procedure.

Well, don’t do it without any reason. If you have a strong reason then move forward and that too with proper research and guidance. Your warranty expires after this procedure.

10] Installing Money Making Apps

Among all the smartphone mistakes, this is the most common among teenagers.

Teenagers need instant money but nobody gives that. So, how will they make money?

Install random money making an app that will ask you to spam people or to invest some bucks.

Do you think I have not tried these things? In fact, I have written a dedicated blog post on this topic. You can check it out here:

10 Ways to earn money using a Smartphone

Trust me, it is not the worth of effort and time. Learn a skill instead and monetize it.

They work for making you money but in the end, your money never gets redeemed from there.

11] Not Restarting Your Smartphone

Your brain and body need some rest.

The same thing happens with any electronic gadget. However, mobile is a device that literally never sleeps.

Restarting a smartphone removes all the stagnant data, refreshes the processor and starts the device freshly.

For boosting its battery life, you need to restart it at least once a week.

12] Placing a Smartphone at a Heated Place

There are some common places where you tend to place your smartphone but they are not really good due to the heating issues.

For instance:

Common Smartphone Mistakes
  1. A table or place that faces a direct sunlight
  2. Car’s dashboard which was parked under the hot sunlight directly
  3. Top of the refrigerator or Television
  4. Besides a laptop which is emitting all the heat

These places are not really healthy for your smartphone. Remember that heat is the number one enemy of your phone.

Conclusion: Smartphone Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Avoid Using Duplicate Chargers and Battery
  2. Never install apps from unauthentic sources
  3. Beware of fake apps which don’t perform the promised tasks
  4. Don’t keep clearing RAM every now and then
  5. Don’t clear cache memory time to time
  6. Check the app permissions that you grant
  7. Android and iOS don’t require any antivirus apps
  8. Use an in-built battery saver. There is no need for any application
  9. Don’t root or jailbreak your smartphone without any reason
  10. Avoid installing money making apps
  11. Restart your smartphone every week because it gives a fresh start
  12. Never keep your smartphone at a heated place

So, these were the 12 Mistakes to avoid while using a smartphone. Let me know which ones did you practice until now!


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